Tips, Techniques & Context to Help Improve your Meditation

  • Knowledge & Understanding in Meditation

    There is a Russian fable called ‘The Three Hermits’ that Leo Tolstoy wrote; the famous author of War and Peace, Anna Karenina and many other great literary delights. He rewrote ‘Three Hermits’ after experiencing his spiritual awakening. The fable coincidently illustrates the difference between knowledge and understanding and serves as a great teaching device by spiritual teachers. It goes something...

  • Mending a Broken Heart

    Part of the human experience that most people go through at some stage is to experience a broken heart. It’s a horrible experience yet it also makes us more mature and wiser. It brings depth to the heart, if, once broken, it can mend in a way that allows you to celebrate and live your life more fully.

  • The Genie and the Meditator

    There is this fable of a guy who finds a bottle. When he opens the bottle, out pops a genie. The genie says: “Thanks for saving me. I have been in that bottle for 500 years. I will reward you by granting your every wish.” The guy says, “ That’s fantastic…….” The genie interrupts him and says, “But there is...

  • Finding Silence in Meditation

    Many people say meditation doesn’t work for them. When I enquire about their meditation practice it often appears that a misunderstanding exists about the nature of the mind, thinking and how to meditate. I’ve written this article to help shed light on dealing with your mind in meditation.