Achieving Stillness in Meditation

Another aspect of meditation is stillness. Stillness is an important aspect of meditation. Stillness of mind, stillness of body.

Achieving stillness is a necessary step towards achieving a silent mind. They go hand in hand. Stillness in meditation along with a silent mind comes with holding right posture.

In meditation you may, from time to time, feel itches, twitches, pains, ache or desires to move as well as thought, noises and brilliant ideas that make you want you to move your body. When these occur it is important to ignore these impulses. Return to your device. These are signals from your astral body, the layer of consciousness that deals with your mind - the thoughts and emotions you feel and think every moment of your day.

The more you hold stillness in meditation, the more a sense of charged-ness builds up. That is why if you have been couped up inside for a few rainy days or studying for an exam, you feel this compelling urge to go out, do something, party or exercise.


Understand that everything is consciousness. Deep in the layers of consciousness that make you who you are; let’s call them subtle bodies, your astral body and Higher Self are encountering universal layers of consciousness. These universal layers operate at higher levels of consciousness and so to our mind and body it feels like fire. In meditation circles and spiritual paths this is often called ‘spiritual fire’ or ‘Cosmic Fire’.


Cosmic Fire is Divine consciousness in action. It is the Divine Will manifesting into the creation. It is the equivalent of the Sanskrit word ‘agni’ meaning fire. Cosmic Fire is a term that is used widely in various meditation paths, both western and eastern.

Verticality is a quality closely associated with Cosmic Fire and for this reason alone we meditate sitting up. There are other reasons of course but stillness and verticality are essential components to achieving strong, still meditation states.


So, sitting in meditation and feeling the urge to scratch an itch, move an aching arm or have a revelation about what you need to do at work are all symptoms that your meditation is starting to work. That’s not to say a minimum of movement is sometimes prudent but generally this guideline is reserved for longer meditations.

Your meditation is taking you deeper inside and you are contacting Cosmic Fire. The desire to scratch that itch is an impulse to move away from the flame. Like a child your undisciplined mind doesn’t like the fire and naturally wants to move away. But the burning of the dross of your astral body (mind) is a good thing. It is a kind of purification and that is why, in part, you feel better in yourself the more you meditate.

You need to ignore these distractions, if only to become a master of your body and mind. As Siddhartha said “…everyone can reach his goals, if he is able to think, if he is able to wait, if he is able to fast.” As meditators however we are seeking to unify body, mind and the ethereal parts of ourselves.

A Final Word

Stillness is the key to contacting Cosmic Fire. Stillness is the path by which you learn to resonate with Fire. And Fire is the path by which your consciousness builds a highway from which you return to your home, your source.