Client testimonials

Some feedback from my clients…

Testimonials from clients who have worked with Peter Twigg

Meditation seems to be a focused-mind activity not just relaxation! Peter is great at teaching this special skill.

Doctor, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Highly recommended. Whether you are new to meditative practices or not. You will have amazing experiences and your life will be richer for it. Do it!

Retiree, Oberon, NSW, Australia

Peter is one of best trained therapists and instructors for meditational techniques, I’ve known and worked with.

Self-employed, Zalec, Slovenia

Working with you [Peter] moves me deeply. Scenarios or constructs have no place as issues are approached from the core, in a profoundly intense spiritual space. I am eternally grateful for your humanity, guidance and compassion in this journey towards transformation.

Business Owner and Mother, London, UK

Special appreciation to yourself Peter for being the facilitator of a big shift I have been actively seeking for a long time. Potential for simply feeling really good much of the time – for no good reason. I like it. Also potential to transform what I can do for others.

Businessman, London, UK

I worked intensely with Peter over a couple of months last year and it was great to have someone at my side, who had a clear sense in which direction my process was going and what needed to happen next. Peter always left me with ‘homework’ to do, things to practice and be aware of, which helped me apply my spiritual practice to very practical situations in my everyday life. Working with Peter gave me a real sense of hope and direction.

Manager, NGO, Canberra, Australia

When I did IST with Peter I was in a state of inner chaos and sadness, I just experienced the loss of a partner and was looking for a sense in my life.

When we did IST, it was like going back to the source of the problems and to the things from my childhood, which still had such an unconscious influence on me and my behavior. It was like bringing light and clarity to me and making unconscious pattern conscious. That brought a lot of understanding for the coherences and incidents in my life to me.

It was necessary to break through my inner wall of resistance, self-protection and vulnerability. And this is what Peter did in a very sensitive, insightfully, patient and long sighted way.

After this break-through a process of inner transformation was activated and went on afterwards. I felt stronger and happier day by day and did not stop to analyze myself. It gave me strength to be the actor in my life (and not the reactor anymore).

IST with Peter was an amazing experience for me. I was (and I am still) very grateful for this help in my life.

IT Consultant, Germany

Working with Peter Twigg is like working with a masterful trickster. Someone who can trick you past the barriers erected inside of yourself. Using humor, irony, deep care and tenderness, you won’t know what hit you till you find yourself on the other side, opening to experiences of awakening and connection and real change that you’ve been hoping your whole life to have.

Practitioner, USA