Meditation Based Cognitive Therapies & Practices

I have been meditating for over 35 years and had the privilege of teaching meditation in workshops and private practice all around the world.

I also employ techniques of meditation and mindfulness to bring about health, healing and transformation. I also practice as a homeopath and naturopath. Some of the outcomes of my work include helping people restore health and resolve emotional blockages so you are free to be yourself.

Helping clients to achieve more of their potential and recognise their true nature are key benchmarks to changing.

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12 Signs Your Meditation is Working. Experiences we have in meditation are indicators of the success of your practice. Everything means something in meditation. This is where tips, techniques and context become invaluable in aiding you to deeper, more fulfilling meditations.

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Meditation seems to be a focused-mind activity not just relaxation! Peter is great at teaching this special skill.

Doctor, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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Grounded in long-time meditation and healing practices, I offer the following services:


In my experience many symptoms, such as anxiety, allergies, fears, depression stem from your conciousness not being free. In reality, your consciousness is independent of your physical body. In the 21st century however, it has become increasingly bound to the body resulting in increased mental and physical stresses. In general, the neuroses of the modern world respond well to meditation and meditation based cognitive therapies.

True healing takes place when one lets go of form and comes to rest on the formless.

Peter Twigg
Meditation Based Therapies, Healer & Naturopath

Videos on Meditation

I’ve spoken to many people who have said they have tried meditation but ‘it’s not for them’, or, ‘it’s too hard.’ To this end I offer some short videos with tips and explanations to help you improve your meditation practice. Please click on My Meditation Channel or go directly to

Meditation Techniques

Meditation offers a pathway of self exploration that closely integrates physical, mental and metaphysical dimensions. Health becomes the byproduct as you move into right relationship with yourself, your psyche and your body. Improved presence comes from increased mindfulness and a certain freedom from the vexations of the modern world.

Engaging a strong meditation practice brings an expanded awareness of states of consciousness, the nature of your mind, healing, harmony and release from emotional blockages.

Techniques involving meditation practice, enhanced mindfulness, sourcing and release of emotional imprints and other therapeutic cognitive processes bring healing and harmony resulting in profound shifts. I also work with death and bereavement. Ultimately, my work is helping you to raise the voltage of your consciousness to facilitate your way of being in the world by being open to higher dimensions of yourself.

In my work with clients I draw from my training in homeopathy and naturopathy together with my training and depth of personal experience in meditation, self-development work and experiences of consciousness. My evolution as a practitioner has seen me move from being a naturopath and homeopath towards becoming a healer. My task is to find the right tool to help you move forward. My focus also provides a framework in which to help people transform or heal. The work I do is often extremely subtle and profound. It is a work of depth seeking to bring about change at the deepest level of yourself.

Our ordinary consciousness is not natural, but an acquired product. This has given us both many useful skills and many insane sources of useless suffering.

~ Charles Tart, Waking Up