Tips, Techniques & Context to Improve your Meditation

  • Meditation & Grace

    There are times in your meditations when a superior stillness descends upon you and the room in which you sit. Within that stillness there is peace, harmony, a receiving, a grace. I have seen rooms full of people, talking, drop into silence as this stillness descends. A pause in the busy minds of people in which something transcendent flows.

  • Eye of God Nebula

    The beauty of the physical realm and a reminder to the spiritually minded of their place in the great scheme of things. The Helix Nebula, colloquially known as the Eye of God Nebula is the closest example of a planetary nebula created at the end of the life of a Sun-like star.

  • Double Spiral Helix

    The double spiral helix, reflecting a microcosm of spiritual worlds. The atom effect found in chakras and nadis, energy centres of the body and its attendant flows of energy into and out of chakra centres.

  • Hello World

    This is my very first blog post. I haven’t written anything yet but I’m sure I have some great stories to tell.