Awakening with Meditation

Some meditation processes suggest that attaining a silent or empty mind is the outcome of engaging in a meditation practice. The Holy Grail of meditation you may say. The focus of achieving a silent mind is centred around the brain and measurable brain waves.

This focus is a form of scientific rationalism where improved brain and body measurements are some sort of result of meditation. It places the brain and attendant electro-chemical impulses at the peak of the human experience.

How disappointing that the sum of the human endeavour can be equated to an electro-chemical carbon based life form. Now that’s an output of the scientific process, in itself an output of the mind and its processes. It’s the conclusion of the rational mind.

Don’t mistake however, science has given us a lot but so far it misses the point of meditation. Meditation is the gateway to beyond your mind and offers to illumine the miracle of the human adventure and human experience.

You don’t have to go very far into your meditation experience to see that the brain and it’s various rewards that come from meditating daily are well down the list of possible rewards and outcomes. Nor do you have to go very far to realise that your consciousness is, in fact, independent of your brain and body. In meditation is the offer, and the potential, to know yourself profoundly. Not just your body, or your quirky mind. But to perceive the mysteries of the world. Our material and ethereal natures.

In fact a silent mind is just the high school graduation of meditation. The real work begins once this has been achieved. It goes beyond the brain and the mind.

Meditation is about your consciousness returning to its source. A return home if you like. Our experiences and the material things of the world keep our consciousness trapped in the world. Note for example how we have become so addicted to our phones, food, endless entertainment including social media. Trapped in the material.

That returning home of your consciousness is what allows an alignment of your body, mind and higher self - the more ethereal parts of ourselves. That is what brings us the byproducts of meditation. But for now, we meditate and raise the voltage of our conscious.

In days gone by, people recognised that we were once like angels that had become mired in clay. Through meditation we shake off the dross of the world and raise our vibration. We align our bodies, our minds and our higher selves. We awaken. From this awakened standpoint we can begin to know every level of ourselves from our body to the most ethereal. Once again we can find our angel nature.

Angel on Earth
Angel on Earth