Tips, Techniques & Context to Help Improve your Meditation

  • Aches, Pains & Emotions in Meditation

    In this video we discuss what to do when aches, pains & emotions come up in meditation.

    Tips, techniques & context to help improve your meditation.

  • One Rule of Meditation

    In this video we discuss the One Rule of Meditation, which can save a lot of pain and expense with your knees.

  • Rituals & Meditation

    An important aspect of meditation is the application of rituals along with your meditation practice. It’s useful to note that all spiritual paths and indeed, the great religions employ ritual as a tool connecting humans to spiritual beings (angels, gods, etc) and worlds.

  • Truth as Sword & Shield in Meditation & Life

    An important aspect of meditation practice is cultivating your sense of Truth. It’s one of the foundation stones of your practice and a discerning factor needed to foster a stronger connection to your Higher Self.

  • What is Consciousness?

    As Merriam-Webster defines consciousness …. “at its simplest is “sentience or awareness of internal or external existence”. To this day, consciousness remains a mystery, a final frontier you might say. An age old question occupying the minds of scientists and mystics alike.