Tips, Techniques & Context to Improve your Meditation

  • Trataka & Meditation

    Trataka means to look or to gaze. Trataka is one of the Shatkarma, a block of yoga techniques focused on purifying the body. Other techniques in this set include neti, sutra neti, shankhaprakshalana, agnisar kriya, kunjal kriya, vastra dhauti and others.

  • Understanding Your Energy - Three Gunas Model

    There is an Indian philosophical concept called Gunas which is found in nearly all Hindu schools of philosophy. It consists of three Gunas that are present in all objects and all beings in the world.

  • The Nature of Meditation

    People view meditation as a means to find relaxation, relief from anxiety, stress, depression or other ailments. This view is a form of spiritual materialism. It is simply not true. If anything, these rewards are the byproduct of maintaining a meditation practice. The riches of meditation lie elsewhere.

  • Awakening with Meditation

    Some meditation processes suggest that attaining a silent or empty mind is the outcome of engaging in a meditation practice. The Holy Grail of meditation you may say. The focus of achieving a silent mind is centred around the brain and measurable brain waves.