Truth, Aspiration & Meditation

Whether in daily life or meditation, cultivating an aspiration for truth is a most powerful way to build your life and meditation practice.

At the end of your meditation there is a window when the meditation is finished and you are preparing to return to your daily activities. This window is a precious moment when your energy is open, your mind is empty, and with the alignment you have made between your body, mind, and Higher Self (ethereal part of yourself) the universe can listen and respond. Alignment of your body, mind, and Higher Self brings all the benefits you experience from meditating, including a flow in your daily life.


At this time it is appropriate to ask or aspire for what you want. Aspiring with sincerity can bring remarkable results very quickly. Here, however, it is important to note that if you are merely grasping for material comforts, you are likely to be disappointed. The universe is generally benign and wants the best for you. The problem is that what it sees as the best for you and what you see as the best for yourself are most often completely different.

Sleeping Angel
Sleeping Angel


Possibly the highest aspiration you can make is to aspire for truth. Truth, or rightness, is the thing that can set you free from attachment to situations, your mind, and its beliefs. Truth brings clarity and in its burning light, brings an opening and opportunity of change to the areas of your life that need it. Truth is what helps you to attain alignment with the ethereal parts of yourself. In that alignment comes the potential for you to step into the fullness of who you can be.

Truth is something that resonates with your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is the part of you that loves Truth. It is the part of you that works to lead you back towards yourself and Truth. You may have seen people who have ignored their Truth. They may have achieved great things but in the end they may lose everything.

Turning Up

So, when your meditation is finished, turn your whole awareness up above your head. Aspire for what you need, or, simply aspire for Truth. This is not about being spiritual. It’s just about wanting to lead a good life. It’s about bringing change into your life so that you can achieve your potential as a human being. It’s about living your life in Truth.