Global Political, Economic & Epidemiological Crisis and Individual Human Sovereignty

Observing the current political, economic and pandemic health crisis makes you wonder what is going on in the world. Has the world gone mad?

Part of the reality is that huge, human induced forces are culminating in a climactic way where all the errors that have built into our evolution are coming to a head. Fragility of systems, peoples, societies, economies are all being exposed.

Spiritual Vision

Behind all of that however lies a vision of unfoldment for humanity. Change always brings pain and this time is no exception. Evolution feels as if it is being forced on us, yet, part of the change is coming from deep inside. Old social, political and economic systems are breaking down. The new era has not yet emerged.

"If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. ....."

~ James Madison Federalist Papers No. 51 (1788)

Individual Human Sovereignty

I think what is being shaped is a new type of human consciousness. An alternative human way of being where individual human sovereignty is the primary focus. If we reflect on that, we can see that a significant part of our evolutionary process is the shaking off of the need to be subordinate to others. Needing a leader. Needing an authority. Having things decided for us. This awakening is happening because people are finally seeing politicians, governments and so called leaders for what they really are.

Paradoxically, the thing that people most fear is their sense of individual human sovereignty. To be free to decide what is right for yourself. To totally trust your own judgement so completely. To take total responsibility for deciding for yourselves. To be able to decide and act rationally. To not be afraid of resting on one’s own self-awareness. In essence, moving away from being ruled by fear. To combine the rational with a deep sense of intuition that comes from within. Accessed through meditation perhaps, or simply the ability to cognise things for what they really are.

Meditation & Mindfulness

And this possibly explains why meditation and mindfulness have swept the world like some new fashion craze. A spiritual impulse guiding people to the new sovereign human. After all, meditation and self awareness have been around for thousands of years. Why now?


Will this happen in Our Lifetime?

In order for the new human to emerge, our world demands entirely new economic, political and social models of relating. It seems we have reached the stage where the old is ready to pass away, just like the snake sheds its skin. Ultimately it means becoming internally self-referenced in a balance of logic and intuition — finding the answers inside yourself. Taking responsibility for your actions and decisions. Human evoluton has taken thousands of years to get to this level. The key question is more along the lines of “is humanity mature enough to retain individual human sovereignty”.

For the spiritually aware, it is an opportunity to step up. To be that. It means becoming transpersonal: namely, receiving the will of the divine and acting on that impulse. Maybe then, the vision of heaven on Earth can become a reality.