RT Sessions

Regression Techniques (RT)

RT, or more formally known as Regression Technique. RT is a therapeutic process that employs an inner space of meditation to ‘source’ or look for the causes of conditioned emotions, attitudes and beliefs. It was originally designed by Samuel Sagan MD in the early 1980s for people doing long term meditation practices to remove blockages that stopped them from experiencing deeper states of consciousness. It was also found to have a profound impact on helping people reach emotional freedom in their daily lives. RT was developed into a therapy by a group of psychotherapists, doctors and natural therapists working with Dr Sagan and is now used by therapists around the world.

RT is a key tool used with clients to help them resolve issues. The inner space provides a powerful ‘engine’ for experiences beyond the “chatty” mind. It allows clients to see and know for themselves the causes of psychological issues. Once issues are made conscious, there can be understanding and resolution.

One of the important strengths of RT is that it integrates psychological and metaphysical dimensions. It allows clients to resolve issues through putting them in them in touch with deeper aspects of themselves. It also works to empower clients through involving clients in their own healing processes.

Often, metaphysical components of my work will engage at different times during the process. This is where deep and lasting healing takes effect.

What happens during an RT session?

The client lies down comfortably on a mattress with eyes closed and the therapist sits by his or her side. The therapist guides the client into a meditative state. Once in this meditative state, a state of enhanced ‘vision’ unfolds where the clients feels and sees things in their own consciousness with increased sensitivity and awareness. An example of this may be experiencing emotions as forms or waves in consciousness, re-experiencing past events such as events from childhood or past lives with vivid sensory details, seeing blockages in the body of energy, experiencing spaces of consciousness or feeling an enhanced sense of ‘self’. At times there may be release of emotions, allowing openings and deeper realisations to occur. Due to the nature of the inner space, this can occur in a fluid and untraumatic way.

Whilst in the meditative state, the therapist asks the client questions about their experiences and an interactive space is engaged in order to help the client move deeper to the source of experiences. RT often involves a somatic component where the therapist presses a spot (depending where it is) on the client’s body. This helps the client connect to emotions and sensations in the body related to issues being worked on. At all times the client is conscious and has control over the process. If the client wishes to return to a normal state of consciousness they only have to open their eyes. RT sessions usually last for 1.5 hours.

For more information see: Sagan, S. Regression: Past Life Therapy for Here and Now Freedom - Available from www.clairvision.org or order through Amazon.