My Meditation Channel

These videos are designed to address different aspects of meditation so that you might build and sustain a strong meditation practice. It’s fair to say there are many pitfalls and traps for beginners and experienced alike when it comes to meditation. I hope you gain many benefits in your meditation from watching these videos.

The One Rule of Meditation

In this video we discuss the One Rule of Meditation, which can save a lot of pain and expense with your knees.

Aches, Pains & Emotions in Meditation

In this video we discuss what to do when aches, pains & emotions come up in meditation.

Posture in Meditation

In this video we demonstration and analyse what constitutes a good meditation posture.

7 Tips to Help Improve your Meditation

Tips and techniques to help improve your meditation. Often simple adjustments can bring dramatic results for your meditation practice.

12 Signs Your Meditation is Working

12 signs your meditation is working. Experiences we have in meditation are indicators of the success of your practice. Everything means something in meditation. This is where tips, techniques and context become invaluable in aiding you to deeper, more fulfilling meditations.